Spirit Medium Readings

Entering Great Mystery
Readings with Jaqi access positive Spirit communication at the psychic, and mediumship, levels.
When reading at the Psychic level, Jaqi is connecting with her client's own energy. She receives impressions and messages in any number of ways. Jaqi feels the communication emotionally and physically (Clairsentience); sees imagery that holds symbolic, archetypal, and even literal meaning (Clairvoyance), senses or just knows what is being communicated (Claircognizance), and hears the messages to be presented (Clairaudience). Reading at the psychic level assists clients who are seeking guidance in all areas of life such as work, relationships, health, etc.
However, there is so much more depth and expansion available once we begin Mediumship.
When reading at the Mediumship level Jaqi 's intention is to authentically connect with the energies of her client's deceased loved ones; family and friends (often 'pets' too). Jaqi asks those in Spirit for as much factual information as possible as evidence that the energetic connections are genuine. This confirmation brings proof of survival after physical death, and great comfort, resolution, and healing to those on both sides of the veil. 
Jaqi often connects with her clients 'higher self' or 'guides', and/or with the 'higher self' or 'guide' energy of embodied loved ones. These energies, though not physically present in the room, also come through with something of significance to further support the client's wellbeing.

Information, that may appear predictive, comes through more as an indicator of the potentials that exist around the client. We live in a 'free will' zone, so there are potentials created by the way the client is thinking, perceiving, and acting at that point in linear time, and/or, as indicated within their ‘soul contracts', or 'blueprint’. This is what is read. 

The information presented is always intended to support the client so they may co-create and empower their own lives. It is given gently with love, compassion, non judgement, and in complete confidence, for the client's interpretation.
Readings are offered in face-to-face, or as Distance Sessions via telephone/Skype.