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"I found my Illumination session with Jaqi to be a powerful and empowering healing experience. I felt that Jaqi was very present, intuitive and intune with my energy and also that of universal healing forces. I felt naturally very comfortable with Jaqi to let go and follow my feelings to release as I needed to, and also felt deeply nurtured by the energy I received."  - Sonia Shima
'Jaqi welcomed me with a non-judgmental acceptance of who I am. After trying many alternative and conventional therapies it was Jaqi who gifted me with compassion, offered me safety, patience, understanding and guidance during the most difficult time of my life. She became the supporting bridge between me and myself – and she gave me the courage to heal. Full of loving acceptance, I am forever blessed to have met her on my journey, for she really is responsible for the transformations in my life!' - Maya Vas
'Jaqi's warm heart, generosity of spirit, and sense of humour quickly made me feel comfortable in her presence. Don't let her humility fool you though - she is a gifted healer. I have seen Jaqi for both Mediumship and the Illumination and Soul Retrieval processes. I can't say I understand exactly how she does what she does, only that it works and I that I am so grateful that she is offering these services in this sometimes crazy mixed up world. I also look forward to Jaqi's Women's Circle each fortnight. It is empowering, uplifting, sacred. Thank you Jaqi.' - Alix, Daylesford

My QHHT session with Jaqi was mind-blowing! :-) 

I have done a lot of inner work over the past few years so I didn't really feel a need to go to the past, but what I was really looking forward to was to connect to my Higher-Self during the hypnosis. My gut feeling was right. I wasn't shown any past life or memories from this life to heal, I went straight up to this universal consciousness place of no place!  As Jaqi went through the QHH technique, I started feeling my head getting bigger and bigger until I thought I had no head at all, just wide open space! My body felt as there was a release of some kind of hormones or chemicals as it relaxed completely and this beautiful Energy just came out of nowhere! As Jaqi started asking questions, the most interesting answers came up about my daughter, husband, myself, humanity, our body, water, food, a possible future of my daughter, my life path and also a praying-mantis ET info which I didn't even know existed! I remember I felt very comfortable and very happy during the entire time and I didn't want this state of consciousness to end. 

Jaqi's voice is so calming, her energy is loving, caring and she knew exactly what she was doing. She made me feel very comfortable during the interview process, no judgement whatsoever. Without a hesitation, I highly recommend Jaqi to anyone who would like to experience altered state of consciousness in this very natural way. 

- Julia, Wicklow, Ireland 

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