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Dying Consciously

Flower Centre
The Great Death Rites
According to the lore of the Inkan tradition, when we die consciously, our Spirit goes to the heavens, our Body to the earth, and our Wisdom to the mountains. When the physical body shuts down, the soul prepares for its journey home.
The Great Death Rites practiced by shamanic traditions allow us to understand the kind of psychological and emotional closure needed at the time of death - for all involved in the process. These rites provide specific steps to bring reconciliation and healing both to the loved ones and to the person dying. 
The Great Death Rites also free the Luminous Energy field from the body so that Spirit Flight can be achieved.
When a client is in the process of dying, Jaqi, as a Shamanic Practitioner, can provide immeasurable support and healing to the whole family. (For more information, please visit the Dying Consciously website.)
Sometimes, it is appropriate to perform the Great Death Rites (or a variation of the death rites) for a living client. Physical death does not result from these rites. Some examples are: the client who is in the midst of significant life transition where everything is changing; or the client that has had a series of near death experiences. In effect, the death rites shift the client's relationship with death and support his or her "rebirth."
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