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Rites of Passage

Earth Art by Steve?
Though not necessarily common or easily accessible in our culture, the journey of initiation has ancient maps.
"The Laika believe that Illumination or enlightenment is possible for everyone who embarks courageously on the journey of initiation. In order to successfully navigate the journey of initiation, it is important to have a sacred ceremony to honor each of the seven initiations of life - Birth, Adulthood, First Love, Marriage or deep commitment to a beloved, Parenthood, Sagehood, and Death." Alberto Villoldo, Illumination - the Shaman's Way of Healing. 
Jaqi can perform Rites of Passage for each of these major life stage initiations. Jaqi enjoys designing ceremonies with her clients. Ceremonies are created to acknowledge and honor the importance of transitions in a deeply sacred and highly personalised way. 
Contact Jaqi if you would like to discuss the possibilities - your thoughts, requirements, and ideas, for creating truly memorable special events, or initiation ceremonies. 
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