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Soul Retrieval

Stone Circle
When a client goes through trauma that they perceive as significant, they can experience soul loss. In the lore of the Inka tradition, this whole, pure and innocent part leaves and goes into the belly of Pachamama – Mother Earth (the Lower World, another simultaneous life, or Subconscious) to find safety.
When soul loss has occurred, clients will often have an intuitive sense that a part of themselves, or "something", is missing. Soul loss is significant because it can result in the loss of life force energy and the formation of limiting beliefs that keep the client safe, but stuck in the past. When the loss is significant enough, it can completely derail the client's destiny, and soul purpose. Soul Retrieval processes return missing soul parts with their full vibrant clarity, confidence, and energy. Soul Retrieval also returns other tools (gifts and instinctual energies) that support the integration of the soul piece back into the client's life. The client can then create a more powerful, soulful, and fulfilling life.
Soul retrieval is part of most Illumination Sessions, however, the aspects of the retrieved Soul parts can be experienced and explored in much greater depth during a face-to-face session with Jaqi. Soul Retrieval Sessions are always preceded by an Illumination healing session.
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