Fee Schedule

Shamanic Healing - Illuminations/Mediumship
All Shamanic Healing Sessions, and Mediumship Readings take 90 mins to complete.
These sessions are available Monday - Friday at 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm.
Evening Sessions may be made available from 6pm till 8pm for those working full time.
Weekend Sessions are not available at this time.
Sessions are available in person or via Skype/Zoom/telephone, where appropriate.
Fee schedule:
All Sessions   -     $245 (Full)
                     -     $180 (Concession)
Contemplation of Beauty
Munay-Ki Rites Ceremonial Sessions
40-60 mins
Receive the 9 Rites over 3 sessions, (3 rites per session) - $100 per session. Total cost - $300 
The 13th Rite -The Rite of the Womb is included with the receiving the other 9 Rites, or as part of an 'Illumination' Healing Session. It may also be received on it's own for a fee of $80
QHHT/BQH Sessions: begin at 9 or 10am
These sessions usually take between 3-5 hours.
For this reason Jaqi recommends clients free up the whole day just in case their session becomes a lengthy one. 

For new clients the first hour may be devoted to an intake interview. Most people require only one session, however subsequent sessions are available if requested. 


Fee:  $395 (Full)

         $295 (Conc.)

- Each client receives a recording of their session.

NB: QHHT are in-person sessions only
       BQH are offered online or in person
Session Availability:   
5 days a week - by appointment only 
Contact Jaqi directly for fees on her Extended Shamanic Services


Payment Methods - (Gift Vouchers available)

Payment is accepted before, or on the day before your session begins.

*Visa/Mastercard - (Square Reader facilities available)


*Online Banking Transfer



Jaqi would appreciate at least 24 hrs notice of any need to postpone or cancel a session. Thank You