Fee Schedule

Shamanic Healing/Illuminations
These sessions are available 7 days a week from 10am till 4pm.
Evening Sessions may be made available from 5pm till 9pm for those working full time.
Mediumship Readings
These sessions are also available 7 days a week from 10am till 4pm.
Sessions are available in person or via Skype/Zoom/telephone, where appropriate.
Fee schedule:
Sessions                90 mins - $245 (Full)
                                             - $180 (Conc.)
Distance Sessions   90 mins - $220 (Full)
                                             - $150 (Conc.)
Readings for Girls Weekends/Groups
Jaqi also enjoys offering Individual Reading Sessions for small groups staying at private Daylesford/Hepburn accomodation. These sessions are available on weekends only from 10 - 4pm. Each session is 30 minutes long and is priced at $95 per person.
Munay-Ki Rites Ceremonial Sessions
40-60 mins
Receive the 9 Rites over 3 sessions, (3 rites per session) - $100 per session. Total cost - $300 
The 13th Rite -The Rite of the Womb is included with the receiving the other 9 Rites, or as part of an 'Illumination' Healing Session. It may also be received on it's own for a fee of $80
QHHT/BQH Sessions: begin at 9 or 10am
These sessions usually take between 3-5 hours.
For this reason Jaqi recommends clients free up the whole day just in case their session becomes a lengthy one. 

For new clients the first hour may be devoted to an intake interview. Most people require only one session, however subsequent sessions are available if requested. 


Fee:  $395 (Full)

         $295 (Conc.)

- Each client receives a recording of their session.

NB: QHHT are in-person sessions only
       BQH are offered online or in person
Session Availability:   
7 days a week - by appointment only 
Contact Jaqi directly for fees on her Extended Shamanic Services


Payment Methods - (Gift Vouchers available)

Payment is accepted before, or on the day before your session begins.

*Visa/Mastercard - (Square Reader facilities available)


*Online Banking Transfer



Jaqi would appreciate at least 24 hrs notice of any need to postpone or cancel a session. Thank You

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