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Extraction tools
Sometimes, in the context of an Illumination Healing Session, the extraction of an intrusive energy, that does not belong to the client, may be required. This sounds a little scary till we remember that these energies are not 'evil' they are just misplaced, and heavy.
These energies are not healthy for the client's LEF and are easily cleared. These energies can manifest as fluid or as crystallized energies.
Crystallized energies occur over time, and are generally the result of energy that has been directed (often unconsciously) to the client by another, or is self-directed. A crystallized energy can also be residual energy from other simultaneous lives. Jaqi uses her hands, a rattle, and an eagle feather to gently extract these energies.
Fluid energy can be strong thought form energy that is picked up from the collective - emotions such as fear, envy, and anger. These emotions can penetrate the LEF. Fluid energies can also be entities that have attached to the LEF. In most cases of fluid entities, the entities are loved ones who are confused, lost, or trying to assist the client. At death, their energy may have attached to the closest psychically open relative or friend, for various reasons. Jaqi carries out Fluid Extraction with a high vibrational clear quartz crystal that is an attractive and safe temporary home for the entity who is then gently released, through sacred ceremony, back to Source (God).
So the purpose of all Extraction work is two-fold: to restore the client's energetic balance and to ensure that the client's affinity for the extracted energy has been addressed. The affinity is shifted through an Illumination. For the Fluid Entity Extraction, there is another purpose and that is to find healing, peace and release for the entity. The most effective way of not attracting these energies in the first place is to keep our own vibration high. Like attracts like. There are many ways of keeping our vibration high which can be discussed during the session.
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