Silver Birch Trees
The Four Winds Society offers the world's most thorough training in the philosophy and practical application of energy medicine.
Kirrily originally trained as a Psychic Medium, over 20 years ago, with Joan Farrell (DSNU) through the Spiritualist Church. Kirrily is a full time Medium offering personal readings. She has demonstrated mediumship at the Victorian Spiritualists Union (VSU) and other Spiritualist Churches throughout Melbourne, Australia. Kirrily is a Denise Linn trained Certified Soul Coach.
​This website, founded by Dr. Alberto Vilolldo, offers detailed and insightful information on all aspects of the processes involved in Dying Consciously.
This website, also founded by Dr. Alberto Vilolldo, offers extensive information and training on The Munay-Ki Rites.

This website is devoted to understanding the 13th Rite of the Mundy-Ki alone. It provides information on the Origin, Nature, and passing on of the Rite.

This website, founded by Master Hypnotherapist - (the late) Dolores Cannon, provides comprehensive information on all aspects of her unique Quantum Hypnosis Healing Therapy.

This is a link to an article by Candace Craw-Goldman on QuantumHealers.Com titled "What's the Difference Between BQH and QHHT?"