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Kundalini Awakenening

An ‘Illumination’ is the core healing process used by the Q’ero Shaman. It is beautifully simple, gentle, and yet powerfully transformative. It is always the first Shamanic intervention that Jaqi uses with a client. An Illumination clears energetic imprints of trauma, ancestral unrest, and disease, from the Luminous Energy Field (LEF or aura) at their source, either before or after they have had the chance to manifest in the body as illness.

These imprints can pre-dispose us to unhealthy physical and emotional conditions because, ultimately, they block the flow of high vibrating energy, creating imbalance.


Once these imprints are cleared at the blueprint level of our being, the energetic level, the healing happens instantly. The healing, though immediately sensed energetically by the client, may take time to become apparent at the physical level. Intellectual understanding of the healing usually follows some weeks later.


During this process Jaqi is working within her client's (LEF) - through the chakra system. Chakras are vortices of energy that are connected into the nervous system at the spine. Heavy energy is cleared from the involved chakra, as if cleaning a pool. The energetic imprint of the disease or trauma is removed. Jaqi then moves Divine Light from her Eighth Chakra down to Illuminate her client's affected chakra. The imprint is thereby unable to return. This restores the chakra to its original brilliant color and high vibration. It rejuvenates the immune system and supports her client's evolution into a Homo Luminous being – a being of light, someone who heals, ages, and dies consciously.


Illuminations may also be undertaken during Distance sessions via telephone or Skype. 


All women undertaking Illuminations have the option to receive, in their session, the 13th Rite of The Munay-Ki - The Rite of the Womb, at no extra cost. For more information on this Rite go the Links page of Jaqi's website.

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