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Drum Journeying

The rattle and the drum are two of Jaqi's essential tools for working with Energy.


Jaqi regularly uses her Medicine Drum during healing sessions with clients, and in her Women’s Spiritual Development Circle. 


Shaman world-wide favour the Medicine Drum as the most potent tool for Journeying as it quickly and easily transports consciousness into the realms of non-ordinary reality. The deeply moving and primal drumbeat resonates with the heartbeat of Mother Earth, our own heart, and the pulse of the Universe. 


Drum Journey sessions enable clients, for example, to experience meeting their Power Animals and other Spirit helpers or Guides. Jaqi teaches her clients how to journey safely, with pure intent, to receive their own answers to questions they have about all aspects of life. Clients are then empowered to develop this skill safely in their own sacred spaces, created at home.


Every aspect of the medicine drum is significant and embodies the ‘spirit’ of the animals, trees, and objects from which it is made. As the Shaman beats the medicine drum, especially one made in a sacred manner by their own hands, these energies are deeply honoured, and the medicine of the drummer is also called forth into this confluence of Spirit Power.


The Medicine Drum drives out heavy energy and has been proven, by modern science, to accelerate the production and dispersion of the T cells in the bloodstream if it is played at a particular beat for a certain amount of time. These t cells help our immune system fight off bacteria and disease. This beat expands and enhances the Luminous Energy Field (aura) and helps clear blocks in the Chakra/ Meridians System.

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