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Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that Jaqi has deliberately kept her answers to these questions as brief as possible.


You may bring a great deal of fear to a healing session, but Jaqi will support you in moving through your fears so you can let them go. You will in NO WAY ever be asked, or allowed, to relive the traumas you have experienced. Healing sessions are gentle, subtle, yet powerful and effective, now, and in the short, and long, term.

Q: “I’m not sure what I need really, but I know I need something, what do you recommend?” 


A: As you pose this question I get impressions on how you are feeling, and then I know whether you would benefit most from a Reading, Illumination, QHHT, or some other type of Session. Other more practical aspects need to be considered too, such as how much time you have available, how far away we are from each other, and the length of the session which is priced accordingly. I will also offer you the choice of having a Distance/Remote Reading or Illumination via Skype, or over the telephone, if it’s appropriate, as you may prefer this to an in person session.


Q: “I see you offer Shamanic Healing – “Illuminations”, and Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique. What are they? What’s the difference between them, and which one would be best for me?” 


A: They are both best for you. So I suggest clicking on the buttons for each one to learn more about them. Trust your intuition and preferences on which one to choose. If you are curious to try both, you can. The main difference is an Illumination is 60-90 mins, whereas a Quantum Healing Session can be 3-5 hrs. They are both gentle, yet, can be powerful methods of immediate and ongoing energy healing.


Q: “I’ve got so many problems I’m worried I’m going to have to see you over and over. How many sessions does it usually take to sort someone out?”


A: Usually just the one session, it depends on what you are carrying that is surfacing to be healed. If you/or I feel you haven’t allowed yourself to go deep enough, you can always book another session. Each session is unique. I have some people who have a session every season, just because they love sitting in the beauty of the energy, and taking time out of everyday life to nourish themselves in this way. We tune our cars regularly, so why not ourselves. Some people come preventatively, or with what may seem minor healing matters. Some people have experienced so much deep trauma that it is incredible that they are able to get themselves to my door. These people will likely need more than one session. They usually want to come for regular or intermittent support as they move through healing at their own pace, a pace they can cope with.

Q: “How long does it take before the healing takes affect?”


A: There is no one answer to this question, it is as individual as you are, and as your session/s will be. The healing at the energetic level is instantaneous, yet can take varying lengths of time to take effect at the mental, emotional, and physical level. You will always feel an immediate relief of tension, much lighter and calmer, by the end of an Illumination Healing Session. Practitioners of QHHT worldwide have clients reporting all manner of wonderful immediate and ongoing healing. Your belief that you can fully heal, and your intent to do so are an important factor. If your belief is not strong you can ride on mine till your belief builds.

In QHHT sessions, when I call in your Higher Self, I ask if healing for each one of the ailments you have listed is appropriate. Most will be. Some won’t be. Some illnesses are teaching us something, some require more time to transform. I will always ask the why not’s, the when’s, and the how’s for you, to get the answers you seek.

By bringing back the Life Force energy that you have lost along the way, and clearing heavy energies/entities that may be with you, you come back into balance. You then feel free and energized to be your authentic self, capable of manifesting greater things for yourself and others.

There is often some kind of secondary gain behind health complaints. Believe it or not, be offended by this or not, some people, even though they come for healing, unconsciously, don’t really want to heal, as it will require them to change. People often fear change, even ‘good’ changes. They may have been suffering for a long time but at least they know what that’s like. People expect less from ill people, so we can hide behind ill health. We heal by intending forgiveness for those we feel have wronged us, including ourselves, and by regaining our self-love and self-worth. When we can lovingly say “no” to the demands of others when we need to, making firmer boundaries, we can feel safe to be well and empowered in our lives. Full healing requires us to keep stepping out of being the “Victim”, the “Perpetrator” and the “Rescuer”. I can help you with this too.


Q: “I’m/we’re having a lot of trouble with the health/behavior of our child, can you heal him/her?”


A: Let me be clear. I don’t ‘fix’ those who come to me for healing. The healing takes place between my client, and Source. My role is to hold sacred space for those who come so they feel safe and still enough to turn their attention inwards and address the needs of their own Soul. I of course, as Shaman, help facilitate the healing and guide each person through this process every step of the way. It may seem odd, but when a child is of concern, it is so much more effective for me to see either or both parents, than to work with the child. It is even better if there are any grandparents that are willing to come for the session on the child’s behalf. Healing has profound affects generationally, moving back and forwards along family lines. This would be the best way you could assist your child. I usually only work with those 18 years of age and over.


Q: “My mum/partner/child died over a year ago, and I still miss her/him so, so much. I still cry for her/him most days. I can’t seem to move on with things, not the way some people seem to. Sometimes I feel like she/he’s around me but I’m not sure. Can you bring her/him through?”


A: Your loved ones will always come through. Once the connection is validated some time is spent building rapport and trust. Usually someone you are grieving is still very much around you, so they actually want to communicate as much as possible. They may want to reassure you that they are just fine, and to offer you messages of comfort. They may be seeking resolution or forgiveness. They often watch over you now as guides. Often those in Spirit want me to assist clients with healing the crippling grief they carry so that they can start moving forward with awareness that their connection, and love, is still there and can be of support. Even if they have moved on to their next experience, which is commonly the case, they will still present to me the same personality you knew them to have, but now they view everything with an expanded consciousness, or from their next incarnation. I never know what to expect in a Reading. There is SO much more going on than our limited human awareness can comprehend. I just trust the information coming through, and the guidance I’m receiving on how best to convey it to my client. I see both of you as my clients really, as well as any other loved ones, living or deceased, that come through with information.


Q: “I want to try Ayahuasca. I can’t afford to go over to Peru to do it. Can you give me that experience?

       I want more power.”        


A: No I cannot give you that experience. I have not had that experience myself, well not in this lifetime anyway. I have not felt the need as yet. Yet even if I could, I probably would not until I felt you were ready to approach these powerful plant medicines with respect, pure intent, and integrity, as this is very important and takes preparation. I can however, help you re-connect with the power of your True Self, the Self you have forgotten. It’s usually young men that ask me this question. I believe many of them are genuinely looking for something soulful that will initiate and guide them into manhood, empowerment, and a felt connection with Spirit.


Q:  “My child is getting bullied at school. I know what that’s like because I was too, I still am, even as an adult, you know, at work. None of the measures the principal or school management team have put in place make any difference, we even moved schools but it’s still happening, can you help somehow?”


A: I have found that almost every client has experienced bullying of one form or another. In a session, when we track back together, looking for the first ever imprint of bullying patterns, we most often find it began with an ancestor, or in another lifetime. So, I would suggest that this client come for a session to shift, clear and balance their energetic imprints and release their limiting beliefs.  Until this is done, changing schools probably won’t help, the same type of scenario is likely to follow your child there. A Healing Session on this would rebalance the energy for this client, his/her ancestors, the child in question, and the generations to come. Both Illuminations and QHHT are suitable for addressing bullying issues.


Q: “I seem to find myself in the same kinds of destructive relationships, even though I try avoid them. They start off ok, and I think my luck has changed, but they all end up badly. I’m dealing with one now. I can see a pattern. Can you do something about this?”


A:  Once we have learned the lessons here, the pattern seems to change for the better. The reasons why you have this pattern can all be explored in either an Illumination or QHHT session. Once we uncover where this tendency is coming from we can clear the limiting beliefs and energies/entities that keep you stuck in this pattern. We can clear the heavy emotions, and shift your perceptions, related to your traumatic relationship experiences. We can then set your intent and call in the energy of the kind of relationships you consciously choose to have in future, ones that are aligned with your path, and send you off empowered to manifest just that, if you choose to.


Q: “I seem to be accident prone, it’s been going on for years. I even have a reputation for it now. I’ve become the family joke. I hate being a klutz. Is there anything you can do to stop it happening?”  


Yes, we can stop this klutzy pattern! Through an Illumination or QHHT session. Again, we track back energetically to find out where and why this first began and shift it at the source. I will also teach you some ways to keep yourself grounded, fully in your own body, and attentive to the present moment, as that is where the power is.


Q: “I have chronic pain in certain areas of my body. I’ve tried everything to get rid of it. I’ve had some minor surgeries, and my doctors are suggesting more. I’m trying to avoid that of course, can you help me? Will the type of healing you offer work on me?” …OR… “I’ve spent a fortune, and been to almost every kind of medical specialist, and tried almost every alternative healing technique and yet I STILL have this health problem, you are my last resort. If you can’t heal me, I give up. So is this going to work?”


A: Let me be clear on this. No healer, of any kind, can heal you. I am offering you two amazing methods that have the ability to allow you to heal yourself. Your Higher Self has the ability to heal your conscious mind and your physical body. It can happen instantly, I have experienced it in myself, and seen it happen in front of my eyes with clients. I’ve seen healing occur gradually over time, and I’ve seen it not happen at all. We have free will. Our conscious minds can block the flow of pure energetic healing coming from our Higher Selves. If your conscious mind has not been allowing healing there are ways we can work with it before, during, and after your sessions so that it is more likely to allow the healing you seek.


There are so many factors that contribute to chronic pain and ill health; energetic, lifestyle, environmental, trying to please others, vibrating at low frequency, ascension symptoms, just to name a few. I work at the energetic level, where it all begins. If you’re looking down the barrel at surgery what do you have to lose but the pain/condition? I would ask you to ask yourself some hard questions, questions I have asked myself, and still do. How might I be benefitting from this pain/condition??? You will likely get very angry with me for pressing you on this. That’s actually a good sign. It depends on your unique set of circumstances of course, but if you’ve tried everything and I’m your last resort then it is likely you have not really been ready to go deep enough and deal with all the unsettling feelings you have acquired through various traumas, known and not yet known. I can help you with that.


As for surgery, in QHHT sessions when I ask your High Self/Guides about the need for surgery ‘they’ (multi-dimensional beings of pure Light, Love and intent) are usually not in favor of it. They prefer to initiate the healing you require during the ‘healing scan’ part of your session. That said, if you came to me having snapped your leg with protruding bits of bone showing, I would call an ambulance to get you to the appropriate surgeon without delay. I would tell you, as they packed you off to hospital, to come back later on so we could explore why it happened in the first place, and attend to it, so it doesn't become a pattern. 


Q: “My father and I didn’t get along, we had no contact for years and then he died. Now I feel so guilty that we didn’t try to fix things between us. It’s really disturbing me. I’m having trouble sleeping and the other night I know I was dreaming about him but I can’t remember what happened. Can you help?”


A: Yes, I can, I would ask him to come, if he didn’t already walk in with you, or arrive in my healing room when I sat to set my intent for the day. After the connection is fully felt by each of us, I would mediate between the two of you to facilitate healing. Most Spirit Medium Readings are healing by their very nature. However, if I receive guidance to facilitate further healing between you, and have your permission, I will. I can ask about the dreams, which are likely him reaching out to you. He may have further information about why you are not sleeping well. These sessions are often my favorite kind.


Q: “I’ve heard we all have guides, even really bad people have them. Well I want to meet mine, who are they, how can I communicate with them?”


A:  Yes, everyone has guides. We all have the ‘spark of God’ within us, we are all unconditionally loved by Source. There have always been many ways to communicate with our guides. You most likely are already in communication with them but don't realise it, because you don't recognise it as guidance. I can help you with that. The most important place to start, is with intent to communicate. I have assisted people in meeting their guides through Visualisation Exercises and Shamanic Drumming. Guides can be communicated with in Illuminations, Readings, and QHHT sessions. The topic of Spiritual Guides and guidance is a huge one. Many people are surprised to find out that their guidance is coming from who they were, or will be, in other lifetimes and existences.


Q: “I can feel strange things in my bedroom at night, you know like dark energies or something. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of them out the corner or my eye. I even sense them hanging around me during the day, what are they? What do they want? Can you make them go away? It’s creeping me out.”


A: We would find out the answers to this question in a Reading or Healing Session as there are many possibilities. I would suggest that you try not to be fearful. Fear causes a drop in our frequency which then attracts lower vibrational energies. All is not as it seems. It is a very human tendency to fear the unfamiliar. It’s highly likely that the energy you are perceiving is at worst - benign, and at best - very helpful. But yes, we can make them go away, although often, once we have discovered what this is about, the energy leaves you anyway, or, you want it to stay, as an ally.


Q: “I went to a psychic and they told me something bad was going to happen, and now I’m scared, I don’t want that, what can I do to stop it?


A: Again, try not to fear. Energy flows where thought goes. We are not victims of fate. We contribute to the creation of our experiences through the habitual flow of our thoughts, words, intentions, actions. If this is indeed what the psychic actually said, and not just what you thought he/she meant, then this is not accurate. What the psychic saw is likely the potentials that would be created if you were to continue flowing energy in a particular direction. It would have been preferable if they had told you that you could redirect a more positive flow, then you would have left that Reading feeling informed, positive, and empowered to co-create your life, instead of feeling like a fearful victim of outside forces.


Q: “All I want is to meet the love of my life - my soul mate/twin flame, where is she/he? when will we meet? How do I know if there is one out there for me?”


A: This is a very commonly posed question during Readings. There has been much written and put up on the internet over recent years on the topics of Twin Flames and Soul Mates.

I just trust what I am shown/told/feel from Spirit when I ask many questions about this on behalf of my client. Sometimes I receive very detailed literal or symbolic information, other times, no. I usually am able to read the nature and purpose of any relationships I am shown. However, I always convey only the information I am allowed to, in the way I am told to, and leave the interpretation of these impressions to my client. Often there are energetics blocks to romantic love to be cleared, which I can help you shift and balance.


Q: I have tried everything to become the mother of my own child/children. I've even tried IVF, and that's failed too. What is going wrong here? Why is this just not happening for me? Or, why did I miscarry? Once/twice/three times or more? Or, why was my child still born/why did my child die?

A: There will be unique answers to your questions on this. There will likely be answers the medical specialists have given you, but I will be looking to understand what is happening at the energetic or spiritual level of your situation. We can access the energy of children and receive answers directly from them in a Reading or Healing session.

Q: “I don’t understand it, everything was going just fine but now my life seems to be falling apart. I’m losing everything I’ve worked so hard for. I can’t cope. Why is this happening to me?”


A:  Tell me…have you really been happy? Have you been living authentically? Were you waking each day gratefully, without fear, full of joy, feeling connected to everything, feeling loved and loving? I find when people come to me at this point, they are hitting some kind of rock bottom. I have experienced this too. It may be an existential crisis (Dark Night of the Soul), a spiritual awakening, the birthing of a healer, a shake up to get you back on the path you chose for yourself before you incarnated. Maybe it’s a wakeup call to what you have taken for granted and what is really important in your Life. Maybe a new, better phase of life is just around the next corner. Often when we track back in a QHHT Session, Illumination, or Reading of your Akash we find that this has happened to you in other lifetimes. We can find out what you did, and did not learn then, that may be impacting on your current life now. Once addressed and balanced, a new, usually much more fulfilling life, lived with new perspectives and understanding arises from the ashes of the life that just fell apart, or the life you have outgrown. It can be very challenging not to be fearful of the unknown, but this is the cyclic nature of life. The old leaves fall, and rot, the ground is nourished, eventually, at the right time, new growth sprouts beauty from the Earth. Trust this cycle. I can help you with this too.


Q: “I envy all the happy people that seem to fit in and breeze through Life. I simply don’t want to be here anymore; I never have really. I feel like I just don’t belong here, like I’m not like anyone else. I feel very lonely and like I just want to go home but don’t know where that is, why do I feel this way?”


A: We usually only see 10% of a person at a first impression, so we need to suspend our judgments of who, and how, they are. Be kind, always, for we don't know all they are dealing with. I usually suggest a QHHT or Illumination to explore the origins of these types of feelings, as the answer for you will be unique, to you. The human experience is one of duality. It is possible to allow this and still step into unity consciousness. I can help you with that. We may uncover that you are an “Old Soul” and that you have “off planet” origins. Yes, I mean Extra Terrestrial. The unsettling feelings you are having could be because you are sensing this. You may also be affected by the loss of your tribe, your people, your home, in another lifetime, and you still carry the sense of isolation, sadness, or grief you experienced then, even though surrounded by friends and family in your current life. Amazing revelations are made in these sessions.


“I’ve read a lot of Dolores Cannon books about QHHT. I’m very curious to try a session. What should I expect? What if I don’t go under? What if it doesn’t work with me?”


A: Dolores always asked people to drop their expectations and just enjoy the experience. Expectation kills the ‘magic’ of this technique. This is where you learn to trust Spirit, trust the technique, trust me, and trust yourself. Just be curious and allow. There are so many wonderful safeguards built into the process that you can just relax knowing you will be safely guided throughout the entire session. Your questions will be answered, and you will receive the healing you need if it is appropriate. By the time we are ready for the induction your nervousness will have turned to excitement about the fascinating ride we are about to take together.


So how did you get to a be Shaman? Why do you offer Quantum Hypnosis as well?”


A:  I was raised in a loving yet Fundamentalist Christian family. Although I felt the love of Source beneath all of the Christian doctrine, much of what I saw and learned did not sit well with me from the get go, for many reasons. I felt deeply connected to the Feminine, the Earth, the Sun, the Stars, the Trees, the Mountains, the Birds, the Animals, – all of Creation. I was so much more comfortable in Nature than in Church.

I grew up, left home, went to Art school, got married, and gave birth to 2 incredible human beings that I love and cherish deeply. However, 'existential crisis' and 'dark night of the soul' stuff had been bubbling underground within me. Something was waking up and I was not happy, but desperately wanted to be. 

To the Western way of seeing things it appeared I was a Highly Sensitive Person (Empath). I'd had periods of childhood, adolescent, and later, post-natal depression, that became severe depression, and a nervous breakdown with episodes of, what looked to all the world like, psychosis. To the indigenous way of seeing things these episodes were periods when I was ‘Walking Between the Worlds’. I was experiencing, what I later learned, was an intense Shamanic Initiation. I was learning how to swim in the seas of the unconscious and yet find my way back. 

This experience completely laid waste to the life I had created and the person I had been to that point. Through visions, dreams, and full body experiences I was remembering many of the lives in which I was a Medicine Woman/Man, a healer, a seer, a prophet. I have never described the details of any of this to anyone, even my teachers. As happens to many people, I was being asked by Spirit to, once again, be of service in this way.

Years later, after Shamanic Training, as I sat down for a break between clients, Dolores Cannon came to me (energetically) suddenly, and quite strongly, and said clearly “look online”. I had read all of her books years before, and found her work fascinating, and in line with my Shamanic experience. I had already spent every cent I had and could borrow, on training with The four Winds Society. I decided I wasn’t travelling anywhere for any more training. So I looked online and discovered Dolores was now offering a Level 1 QHHT Practitioner Training Course, online, for a relatively affordable price. I then completed Levels 1 and 2.

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