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Fire & Despacho Ceremonies

This is a photo from one of Jaqi's personal outdoor Fire Ceremonies. Personal Fire Ceremonies can also be done indoor using simply a candle and toothpicks.
Fire is an element allowing for rapid transformation. Fire ceremonies  allow us to source from our soul. They are a means to release old habits, stories, patterns and obstacles. These old, heavy energies are transformed in the process, allowing them to be reborn anew - like the phoenix rising from the ashes. 
New Moon energy is one of planting seeds, new growth, beginnings.
Full Moon energy is about harvesting, completion, letting go.
In the tradition of the Laika, the Medicine People of Peru, fire ceremony is used to honour and heal the planet through our own personal healing and transformation. When we are participating in a fire ceremony, we are joining medicine men and women in an ancient tradition.  Around the sacred fire we remember how we have sat around sacred fire throughout time.
Despacho Ceremonies  are ancient rituals of the Laika that bring beauty, balance and abundance to those participating (and those for whom prayers are made). There are several types of Despachos, appropriate for particular occassions, but all are mandalas to Spirit that contain potent offerings and prayers.
Despachos have been called 'making a prayer visible'. A Despacho involves flowers, seeds, feathers, leaves, candies and chocolate etc. which are placed in layers onto a sheet of gift paper that becomes the envelope for your prayer or intention. It’s a powerful, beautiful, playful and dynamic process.
After the Despacho is made it is burned. This is an important part of the ceremony, as the fire releases this visual prayer to Spirit. The power of pure intent, directed thought, and creativity is very effective in manifesting thoughts into reality.
Jaqi can be booked to host these ceremonies on Full & New Moons, Equinoxes & Solstices, and for other special occassions. 
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