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Space & Land Clearing

Sage Bowl and Crystals

The Crystalline Grid of the Earth remembers everything that we humans have ever said, done, felt, thought and intended. Over time heavy energies, and spirits, can remain inside a space or area of land.

Rooms or places sometimes feel heavier, stagnant, or are avoided because they just don’t feel right. It’s wonderful to clear and balance the old energy and establish any space for it's new purpose, whether it’s a new home or apartment, or the starting of a new business. 

An energetic clearing helps to disperse heavy energy. Similarly, when selling or leaving a home, space or area your energy can be cleared to open the space to welcome others.


In the role Spirit Medium/Shaman, Jaqi can go through the home, workspace, or area, with the owner or resident (or alone) and tune in to sense what the heavy energy is about. Jaqi then holds a ceremony, unique to every situation, to honour the energies, to facilitate healing, and to clear and balance energies as required.

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