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Distance Sessions

Energy Art

Increasingly, for convenience, people are choosing distance sessions over sessions in person with their practitioners.


Remote Energy Medicine Sessions with Jaqi are possible, via telephone or Skype/Zoom, no matter where her clients are in the world. People do not have to see Jaqi in person for the session to be equally as effective. How can this be?


The field of Quantum Physics provides scientific evidence on how this happens. It's known as Quantum Entanglement. Essentially, it is possible to send energy over any perceived distance because at a deeper level of reality all things in the universe are infinitely interconnected. Jaqi highly recommends Gregg Braden's book - The Divine Matrix if you are interested in knowing more about how this entanglement and consciousness works.


During healing sessions, when Jaqi is working with her client's energy or light body, she is outside of time and space, which are not fixed. She simply attunes to her clients energy body through thought and intention. What Jaqi senses is then exactly the same as if the clients physical body was in the same room with her. Time is not linear. Past, present and future occur simultaneously in the present - the now.


Jaqi, in altered states of awareness, changes her perception. She moves into non-ordinary reality where there is no separation between things. Here, Jaqi is constantly 'tracking' on her clients' behalf. Her intention is to seek guidance from Spirit, in every moment, as to what best serves the needs of her client. Where, in this timelessness, Jaqi decides to go is dependent only on where she is guided, by Spirit, to place her awareness.


Contact Jaqi if you would like to inquire about the arrangements for distance sessions.



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